I'm on YouTube: my talk on autism and vaccines

I gave a talk recently on the pseudoscience surrounding autism and vaccines, and on the poor job that the press does presenting the science around this topic.  The good people at NCAS posted the whole talk (almost) on YouTube.  My talk title was "Autism and Vaccines: How Bad Science Confuses the Press and Harms the Public," and it's in five parts of about 8-9 minutes each:
and all 5 segments are linked here, on the NCAS (National Capital Area Skeptics) YouTube page.

The first segment already has some anti-vaccination comments on it, which I guess is not too surprising.  There are a couple of supportive comments as well.

I wrote "almost" above because my talk included two video segments that NCAS didn't post due to copyright concerns.  One was a 60 Minutes interview with Andrew Wakefield, about 5-6 minutes, and the other was a segment where Larry King interviewed a group of anti-vaccine zealots.  The Larry King bit can be found elsewhere on YouTube.  

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  1. Steven, you could take it as a form of flattery ... two of the anti-vaccination individuals apparently joined YouTube solely to post their comments on your presentation!


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