Maryland legislature scores one for science

Just one month ago, I wrote a post entitled "Naturopathic shenanigans in the Maryland State legislature," about the efforts of naturopaths to get a new law passed in the state of Maryland that would license them to practice medicine.  This effort to get a set of pseudoscientific practices certified as "medicine" has been pursued by naturopaths across the U.S., and Maryland is just one of their latest targets.  I was dismayed when I learned that laws had been introduced in both houses of the Maryland legislature to give naturopaths what they wanted.

Well, the votes just came in, and the law was unanimously defeated in committee in both the House and Senate.  Without knowing precisely what happened (or if any of them read my article, either here or on the Forbes magazine site) I cannot explain why the legislators voted as they did, but after my previous article I want to give them a rousing cheer of approval.  Hurrah!  Sometimes lawmakers get it right, and when they do, they deserve our applause.


  1. Yay! I hope your article had an impact. Now, if we could start repealing these awful practices in the numerous states they already exist.


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